Salt Lake City , Utah based FAA Air Carrier changes name but not management! Akamai Air takes over all of Adventure Air’s operations in the US.

Akamai Air, LLC  (FAA certificate AWDA108K). Salt lake City, Utah based FAA Air Carrier Adventure Air has changed name. Adventure is now operating under Akamai Air. The word “Akamai” is a Hawaiian word which means; “ intelligentsmartclever” . Management has remained with its Director of Operation Nicholas Charles at the helm. Akamai Air operates out of the Salt Lake City ( KSLC) area with its base at the South Valley Regional Airport (KU42-U42) . With its 9 passenger SA226-T Fairchild Jet Prop Merlin aircraft that have top speeds over 300 mph makes travel any destination a speedy solution.  Akamai Air offer the businesses and general public alike a great option to the commercial operators out of the international airport with direct and hassle free transportation to over 5,000 US airports and to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. For more information Akamai Air can be reached at 385 218 1120 in the USA or 0101 385 218 1120 outside the USA or on the web at Akamai   or


About akamaiair

Akamai Air Charter Services from the Salt Lake City, Utah, Salt lake City based Akamai Air is FAA Approved to fly to all US cities, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, including the Bahamas, Virgin Islands.
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